Dave is a master of his trade. 


Having a life long passion with the automobile, Dave Treichel is one of those fortunate few to turn his passion to his daily work. And over the years, he's built a team of professionals who share his passion and are qualified to carry on the legacy he's built.


Extreme meticulous detail goes into every car that touches our technicians' hands. It’s no wonder his shop has been renowned in the Valley for the past 20 years.


With Dave’s ‘straight-talk’ approach, it’s simple to see why their clients put their absolute trust in his team's expertise.  Dave and his team believe a good client relationship is crucial; especially when you’re entrusted with the implicit care of prestigious property, that’s even, at times, as close as a family member.


The shop specializes in paintwork, mechanical repairs and suspension work on Porsche street cars as well as track cars. The utmost passion and care is put into each masterpiece that will have the indisputable signature work of Zero to 60 Garage.  With an unmatched standard of excellence, you can count on premium quality. 


Perfection may cost more, but it’s worth more.



Born with a mechanical aptitude second to none, Zac specializes in Porsche mechanical and suspension work. He's to go to guy for anything that needs welding or fabricating in the shop. He was formally trained at the NASCAR facility in North Carolina, and is now working on Porsche street and track cars.


He knows and does what it takes to make them work right on and off the race track and is a true perfectionist to the very last detail.



David never thought he'd hire another painter, until he met Bill. Bill is one of the best painters David has ever seen. He is experienced with both Porsches and Ferraris, and has won multiple 1st place prizes at Pebble Beach. 



With 20 years of experience in the industry, Frank is a multi-talented technician. Not only is he a highly skilled body technician, his mechanical and inventory management skills are an asset to the Zero to 60 team. Most importantly, he has an impeccable attention to detail, and ensures that all of our paint and restoration projects have the highest quality finish, which is exactly what Zero to 60 Garage is known for.


A veteran of the restoration business, Murph has incredible attention to detail which is a necessity in our shop. He is an excellent body tech who continues to bring some great ideas to the shop. We are so glad to have him be a part of the team.

"I'm very proud of my team of professionals that assist me in helping my clients achieve the highest performance and finish detail that can be attained for their very special cars."