When you step into our shop in Sherwood, there's a surprise around every corner. An old E-type Jaguar, a vintage Porsche 911, an original Shelby Cobra, Porsche race cars...and the list goes on. 


On this page, you'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at the current and recent projects at David C. Treichel Auto Refinishing. 


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This 356 was dipped to remove the 50+ years of crud and rust. We will complete the metal repairs then have it dipped again. After the second stage dipping process the chassis will be completely de- rusted then be E-Coated. When that process is complete the chassis will essentially be like a brand new part from the factory ready for the bodywork and paint. After it is painted to perfection the chassis will be shipped back to Aaron at FLATSIX for assembly.